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The place designated for people to change into or out of work out clothes. In public gyms there will typically be 70-year-old men walking around with little to no clothing on, thinking this is a perfectly acceptable practice. Usually the floors are slippery and covered in a medley of liquids ranging from jizz to pool water. In high school locker rooms, there is not much a of a difference. Well, besides the fact that you are required to take it to graduate and are pretty much forced to strip down to your underwear in front of your possibly gay classmates. The bathrooms here are usually not shown too much love, or at least when I went to school they weren't. On more than one occasion I have placed my gym bag in crap, touched walls covered in jizz, and stepped on a mound of pubis.
I remember vividly Freshman year, coming back from the pool (at least 5% of that water was just piss) to the locker room and stepping into the shower only to find it partially flooded because there was enough pubic hair to knit a sweater clogging the drain. I had been forever grateful the rest of my high school career that I would never being going back to that room ever again, and never would me, or my naked ass, be ogled at by gay kids for the rest of those 4 years.
by Cripple Chris December 25, 2010
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Farting while in an enclosed space, such as an elevator, where you victim(s) cannot escape in a hurry. This forces those that are trapped to breath in the odor until it is possible for them to leave.
Once at 2:00 in the morning at the airport I was stuck on an elevator with a young couple and their single, misbehaving crotchfruit who would not stop bumping into my broken arm. Being already pissed about having to travel internationally without much warning from my boss, I decided to get back at them by turning the elevator into a gas chamber just as I arrived at my floor. With the child's face being about ass-height, I felt quite satisfied after.
by Cripple Chris October 23, 2010
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