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Noun: Similar to Cunt Muffin, the notable difference being the "K" which changes the word from a horrific insult to a loving term of endearment.

Often used to describe a friend who has either made a silly mistake or recently done you a favor.

It is also important to note that when calling someone a Kunt Muffin it is usually a good idea to specify that you are using the complimentary form of the phrase to avoid confusion.
Carly: Jane just bought me shoes for my birthday!
Sam: Aw, that is so sweet!
Carly: She is such a kunt muffin!
Sam: That isn't very nice!
Carly: No, no I mean a kunt muffin with a K.
by CraigHayger October 27, 2013

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V. When a person is cycling between "dating" two different girls with equally dirty vaginas. Typically used when a player switches between seeing two or more less-than-hygienic girls. A twat shuffle is typically seen 3 to 4 times on an average episode of Maury.
Ex. 1
John: I just saw Carl with Jess! I thought he was going on a date with Jamie!
Mark: Nah he changed his mind last night.
John: Ohhhh, classic twat shuffle.

Carlos: Did you see Maury yesterday? One guys tried to twat shuffle 4 girls and got caught! That dude's life is over.
by CraigHayger November 04, 2013

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