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Any of a group of conformist girls who mistakenly believe that they are unique and different. They are naive, immature, annoying, slutty, insecure bitches who make up the majority of teenage girls.

Scene girls are naturally promiscuous. If they aren't whores, they aren't truly scene girls. They add 400 million people on myspace and facebook to make up for their lack of real friends.
They only date guys who have scene hair, regardless of their personality, charm, or appeal, and they ONLY date for internet popularity.
scene girls: haayy look at mi bf's hair on our myspaces!

Normal person: It says he lives 12,000 miles away from you and is flirting with 5 other girls at a time.....?

scene girl: ohh nu we r in luvs! Just like mi last eleventy millionz bfs that I was in luvs with :3
by CradletheRight January 04, 2011
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