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Can be used to describe a runny shit, or the hot liquids which are produced from a runny shit, also known as the Green Apple Splatters. Usually when crap juice is involved in a dump, you are most likely to shit through a screen door without leaving your mark.
"Vince, is that crap juice running down your leg? Holy Hell Vince, you got crap juice everywhere you nasty mother fucker."

"Nigga, what the hell are you doing sitting at this stop sign? You better hurry up because I gotta take a crap and im fixing to get crap juice all over the place. I mean gosh, its just crap, crap, crap."
by CosmicKristy September 12, 2006
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1. An expulsion of smelly gas from a dog anus.

2. A term used to describe a feeling of dissapointment.

"God, can you smell that dog fart? It smells like shit run over twice in here."

"Suzy said she can't make it to the party. Ahh, dog fart."
by CosmicKristy September 12, 2006
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