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Belly fat; the fat over your abs. For an extreme amound of pudge, more u's can be added for emphasis (puuuuuuudge).
That girl is way to big to be wearing that little shirt. Look at all the pudge hanging out!

My God! That's not pudge. That's puuuuudge.
by Cory Crowe July 16, 2005
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Dehydrated Onions

At McDonald's restaurants, there are two types of onions: Quarter Onions, which are the big hunks of onions that come on bigger sandwiches, such as the Quarter-Pounder with cheese, and Dehydrated Onions, which are the little diced onions that come on hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

They are called 'dehydrated' because they are ordered in a dehydrated form. Water is added to turn them from hard flakes into the onions that you find on your burger.

When somebody wants their order a special way, the order taker has to specify what the customer wants. The order taker uses a little menu that has words like 'w/out' 'only' 'sub' and then shortened names for condiments such as 'ketchp' 'mustrd' 'pckle' 'onions' (for quarter onions) and 'donion' for dehydrated onions.
Many drive thrus have a menu that displays your order as it is entered into the computer. A cheeseburger without onions will appear as:
by Cory Crowe June 26, 2005
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