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in•for•ma•tion o•ver•load

1. Business. Sadistic practice in
which a subordinate is given
ambiguous instructions to
complete arbitrary tasks. Also
see “spreadsheets.”
2. Computer Science. Loss of
superhuman state due to
executing subhuman tasks
normally performed by automated
systems. Also see “Windows.”
3. Law. Conditional state reached
in the first year of Law School.
Also see “BAR Exam.”
4. Math. Required state to attend
courses involving “string” in
their title. Also see “MIT.”
5. Medicine. Conditional state
reached in the forth year of
Medical School. Also see
6. Physics. Conditional state
reached during doctoral
dissertation in which common
sense is overwritten with
theoretical knowledge. Also see
“Steven Hawking.”
Superhumans suffer io due to subhumans lack of understanding technology.
by Corey Lohr June 04, 2004

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