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Town in Westchester, NY that thinks they are the shit. The town is divided into two main classes. You have the people who think they are black yet hate black people with a passion and are as white as a piece of paper. Then there are the skaters who are often seen hanging out in front of Stop and Shop, Blockbuster, Exxon and in the lot behind the Eastchester library. Both classes are stoners and drunks that get fucked up every day. Often seen feuding with people from their rival and superior neighbor Tuckahoe.
You know the town is weak when it takes 40 of their guys to take on 10 from another town like Tuckahoe.

The people in the town are the definition of wigger.

I bet you $100 to find one person in that town that doesnt drink or smoke.
by Cool C January 07, 2005

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