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A subreddit which carries the unique distinction of probably being the only political discussion community on the internet where people belonging to all political ideologies can interact and discuss their opinions with each other without someone getting their panties in a twist. A die-hard liberal can laugh at a meme along with a Trump supporter; a communist can amicably chat with a anarchist; etc. etc. This is quite remarkable considering that 99% of political subreddits inevitably become echo chambers full of vocal extremists that shoot down anyone with even slightly differing opinions.

Probably will get banned in a year or two.
*other politics subs*
Person 1: *expresses an extreme opinion that is rewarded with thousands of upvotes and awards*
Person 2: Listen, I think that might be going a little far because.....*rational argument*
Everyone else: REEEEEEE YOU CAN'T HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION FROM US WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!1! *mass downvoting Person 1 with possible death threats in inbox*

Political Compass Memes
Person 1: Expresses an opinion
Person 2: Hey man I think that might be a bit flawed because *rational argument*
Person 1: That's a valid point man. But I'll still portray you as a soyjak in my next meme.
Everyone else: Based
by CookiesAndPolitics August 1, 2021
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