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Someone, particularly a teenager, who acts like their shit don't stink because they listen to classic rock because their peers listen to rap or pop. They constantly brag about their music taste, wear nothing but band shirts, and get extremely butthurt by peers because they (the peers) aren't walking classic rock encyclopedias like they are.

Is a portmanteau of "classic rock" and "cocksucker".

See also: metalhead
Oh my gosh, Mike is such a classic rocksucker. He called me stupid because I accidentally confused two songs with each other. He needs to find something else to wear besides Led Zeppelin shirts, too.
by Cookie Mischief October 18, 2012
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A song that was great until the radio overplayed it and Kidz Bop and/or Glee sang it, then wins a Grammy when everyone is sick of it.
Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" is the song of the year. Funny, that song seems so much older than it really is because the radio played it every 15 seconds with no mercy.
by Cookie Mischief March 8, 2012
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