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This is a 5-way gay sex position that consists of 5 different roles. First there is the table himself who is leaning over at a 90 degree angle. To help support him, we have the table legs who is supporting the table by laying face up on the floor supporting the table’s chest with his feet and jerking off the table with his arms. Then, there are two chairs. Chair one is fucking the table in the ass and the other is getting sucked off by the table. To finish off the position, there is the tablecloth which is another guy, laying face up on top of the table, being blown by chair one and making out with the other. Only the table legs is getting the short end of the stick and therefore positions should be rotated however the weight of the table and the tablecloth must be considered. Heavier men are suggested to be the chairs or table legs.
“Bro please tell me you didn’t post the video of us doing the Kitchen Table on your story”
by Constaqueef December 30, 2018
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