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What girls say in response to a question you ask when they start picking up your interest in them, but they aren’t interested
Mark: “Wow that sounds great, what are you doing this evening?”

Samantha: “Honestly I’m not sure…”

Narrator: “And it was that moment, he entered the friend zone
by Connor4333 March 26, 2023
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Like the Chevy Corvette, its a popular choice of vehicle for men going through a midlife crisis, except whilst the Corvette is for old White guys, the Slingshot is for middle aged men of all races.

Often times the drivers of these motorized tricycles have “fade” haircuts or are bald, they’ll sport a flat billed name-brand cap and have some color tinted aviators. They’ll drive around major social areas like hotels, colleges, landmarks blasting rock or rap music hoping to score some women.

It can be said the Polaris slingshot is a midlife crisis mobile for wiggers.
John: yo whats poppin dawg my new polaris slingshot I drive around high schools checking out chicks yo
by Connor4333 February 21, 2023
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Something people say when they actually infact never let you know.

Whether its an event, something for sale, or any overall expectation. “I will let you know.” Its almost like a curse, its a clear “No”, with a skin of false hope.
James: “I will let you know when its available, Mark.”

*10 years later*

Mark: “What ever happened to it, James?”

James: “Bro, I told you I will let you know. Be patient.”
by Connor4333 December 13, 2022
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