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The mentality of some hijabi's, in which they feel as if they are superior to other non-hijabi muslim females.
The Hijabi Mentality makes a lot of hijabi's demand respect, only due to the fact that they wear a hijab. Often times, some hijabi women may not be the greatest of muslims, yet they still have the attitude that non-hijabi's are inferior, even if the non-hijabi is more religious than the hijabi.

Example: Please do not treat her like that, she is a hijabi (but not saying the same thing for other non-hijabi muslim women).

Please keep in mind that not all hijabi's have this mentality, there are a lot of great hijabi women out there. But with every good thing, comes at least a few bad things. Also, we should never judge our muslim brothers and sisters, wether they are very religious or not, and wether they were the hijab or not.
by Concerned Muslim April 06, 2008
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