2 definitions by ComradeCommie

To overclock your computer to the absolute farthest it can be pushed, usually requiring an inordinate amount of power, and an extreme and unconventional cooling mechanism.
Tim: When I tried uberclocking my CPU to 5 GHz, the thing literally exploded on me.
Jim: No way! That’s why you need to use fucking liquid nitrogen to cool it next time.
by ComradeCommie November 17, 2018
The absolute worst thing anyone can say about your family. It’s irrefutable, and every other “Ur” is dwarfed by this insult’s magnitude.
George-Hey, John, ur granny tranny
John-Don’t make me do it, George
George- Do it! Ur brother a mother, I bet you won’t!
John- Fine then! Ur Clan’s Trans!
All seizes to exist. God is dead, there is no Earth, only pain and suffering for all that was.
by ComradeCommie March 24, 2018