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The ideological analysis of selected events.

The histories of the following could be written:

Wessex; England; Britain; Great Britain; United Kingdom of Great Britain; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irleland.

English Economic; Scottish Economic; Irish Economic etc

The English people; The British People; The people of the UK of GB & NI; etc

The Americas; America; South America; United States of America; Canada; Mexico; North America; Novgorod, Russia; Soviet Union; Siberia; Ukraine; China; etc etc

The titles themselves imply ideological analysis and selectivity.

Clearly there are a large number of events but when does an event begin and when does it end? And ideology determines their selection and the weight given to them.

It is easy for us to confuse events with history.
It has been said that the assasinated President of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln had believed in emancipation of the slaves in his country but did not believe in their subsequent equality with the non slaves.

Is that brought out in the teaching of history received by USA people? Whether yes or no it represents an ideological analysis.

I am not certain that belief is an event.

"History is written by the victors" falls within the definition.
by Compagnero_2 March 14, 2010

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