2 definitions by Colossuswv

A player (namely basketball) who is supposed to be quite good but who is actually quite whack. Originally used to to describe Uconn player Josh Boone, as compared to Uconn star Emeka Okafor.
Used to describe someone in sports who sucks or is playing poorly - "That cat's a Jokafor"

Used to hate on someone who can't finish their beer, or is doing something gay in general - "You're nothing but a Jokafor"
by Colossuswv September 22, 2005
When something good happens. Especially used when playing blackjack and you catch 21:
Dealer: (deals a 10 on a double down)
Guy: "Yahtzee"
Roaming Waitress: "U need anything?"
Guy: "Yea lemme get a jack and coke"
by Colossuswv September 22, 2005