18 definition by Colleen

Your best friend.
My bf is a great friend.
by Colleen January 19, 2004

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Means boy in irish. Famous people include: Colin Farrell, Colin Mokery (whose line), and colin a character on everwood.
Irish person: Hey there colin!
Colin: Hey how'd you know my name!?!?!?
by Colleen May 28, 2003

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A whiney girl who grubs for every point she can get! keep on whinin!
Meeeeeeeedhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Meeeeeeeeeeedhaaaaaaaaaaaaa Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedhaaaaaaaaaaaa
by colleen January 27, 2004

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performing some kind of sexual act or foreplay; mackage
"Last night me and Billy Bob we're macking it hardcore"
by Colleen September 08, 2004

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