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A Western Sydney Shire, that covers Quakers Hill, Mt Druitt, Marayong, Riverstone etc. It's flooded with "Lads" (teens that smoke, wear canterbury's, listen to gay techno music, overuse the word "cunt," wag school and hang out in public areas until late) and it's hard to find a white aussie there that isn't a lad/bogan. It's home to what has been named "the filthiest train station" in Western Sydney and often suringes can be found laying around. It's not shy of drug dealers, either. Loads of graffiti, loads of dickheads...
I'm going to Blacktown Boys High!

What are you on?
by ColdHardRocker96 January 17, 2011
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A Western Suburb in Sydney, known as "Quakers" in slang. It's literally all over the place. "Quakers Court" shopping centre is actually in Marayong, "Quakers Hill East Primary" is actually in Acacia Gardens and alot of the main shops have been shut down and reopened as Indian shops/restaurants. The Catholic church on Douglas road which was made over 80 years ago has in recent years been bought and converted to a Muslim church. What used to be a town overrun by bogans, the population is now mostly ethnic families. But Quakers Hill owns one of the best, most careless but awesome Highschools ever. It also is the place where people don't give a shit anymore and is a teens playground. It is also the place where the statements "Eschays" and "Skux" (as in mad/cool, not ladies man) originated.
I live in Quakers Hill Brahh
by ColdHardRocker96 January 12, 2011
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