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An emergency exclamation used to alert friends in the immediate area of the necessity to leave RIGHT NOW with no questions asked, usually because you have just comitted a crime or done something illegal or that you will be in very big trouble for. Like "bounce", only much MUCH more urgent.
"Dude, why did you call 1, 2, 3, bounce? I was getting ready to buy a manga."
"Because I puked all over some books in the C++ section."

You should never yell 1, 2, 3, bounce unless you really mean it.
by Codababy April 28, 2006

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A Gemstone IV character who is neither male nor female. Penidiamond loves diamonds, poo, kissing boys and barrel dances. Penidiamond dislikes people who have an acute inability to laugh at themselves, or others.
Penidiamond stomps his way around a wooden barrel.
by Codababy April 28, 2006

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