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exactly how it sounds.

picture yourself driving, and the terrain..let's say it's snow, you're driving and your front tires go over a lump of snow, but the snow was so high, that when it goes under your car, it actually lifts it, like a jack. basically your car bottom is sitting on the snow. Some good ways to get out of this would be to get a shovel and get that crap all out from the under the car.
Another example would begoing off roading with a REALLY high car, and you got over an high dirt bump, and the same thing happens.
So..the reason for writing this definition is because I just took my pops car jeep out to try and be cool in the 2 feet of snow...i got high centered like a b*tch.

Shane and Billy were driving their car when they thought they were cool, and got it high centered. They cried.
by Cobain will have justice December 22, 2006
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