2 definitions by CloutNibba

Typically means to respect someone's shit, mainly for Crips. It's similar to tell someone fuck off or hey stop it can you respect me aight?
Kid #1: "Aye bro?"

Kid #2: "Yah bro you aight?"

Kid #1: "Aw nuthin just saying hi but I'm good except for my annoying twat Mom. She be fucking with me taking all my shit!"

Kid #2: "Oh speaking of moms my Mom ain't respecting my crypn. My mom tried to take away my xbox. I told that bitch that I bought that xbox with my money then I told that bitch to respect my crypn!.........Oh yeah and I called her an igger"

Kid #2: "You mean Nigger?"

Kid #1: "No I said igger, Nigger. Respect my crypn BITCH!"
by CloutNibba January 21, 2019
A saying you and your girlfriend might or should start saying. It means your hot or I wanna have intercourse or a substitute for you piece of shit!
Boyfriend: "Your a piece of sex babe ;)"

Girlfriend: "awwww thanks babe <3"
by CloutNibba January 21, 2019