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1. female version of bros before hoes
2. like chicks before dicks, but cleaner

"sticks" could be a synonym for dicks / penis

or the act of the vagina being stuck by a penis
Leave him hanging girl, you know it should be chicks before sticks!
by Cloudowner9 July 15, 2011
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When someone is attracted to either the male or female in a coupled relationship, simply because they want what they have, or want to create jealousy in the couple.

If a person within the couple is also flirtatious with the third person, and there is a possibility of an affair, it makes them seem even more attractive to the third person.
My guy friend is always wanting me to go out to clubs with him and pretend like we are a couple to create couplenvy. It works, he always ends up with more phone numbers on those nights!

We go out together and create couplenvy, and when the other person feels like they are getting someone who is already wanted and taken, they feel like they have won the prize.
by CloudOwner9 September 03, 2013
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