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The act of multiple people playing a single player game together to increase efficiency and speed.

(Also known as grg-ing said game)
Nerd 1: Dude, how'd you beat Final Fantasy VII so quick?!?!?!
Nerd 2: Me and Todd, gang rape gaming.
Nerd 1: Aaah, smart move.

Laurence: Man we grg'd the shit out of Pokemon Yellow last night and beat the elite four 5 TIMES!!!
John: mmm...
by CleverMike July 16, 2011
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The most abbreviated form of the word "abbreviated". Pronounced "brieved" or "beeved", used satirically to imply clear disdain for the unnecessary use of abbrieves in spoken language. However, it is usually limited to internet speak. It is the 3rd written stage of abbreviation of the word "abbreviated".

1st Abbrieved
2nd Brieved
3rd Bv'd (or Bv in present tense)
Paul: .........
Joseph: What did you just say to me?!
Paul: I just Bv'd how I felt about you doing my mom last night...
by CleverMike July 12, 2011
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