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how you spell drunk when you're drunk
mab ifm durnk
by Cleveland March 14, 2004

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Exton is a small town that branches off of West Chester. It is known for fast cars and fast people. Everywhere you look, there are ATC kids racing one another in their tricked out Hondas down Route 100.
Everybody knows everybody and those you don't know, still somehow know your business.
You will always pass a friend on Route 100 at least once during the day
There is nothing really fun to do in Exton so all Exton's younger residents usually travel to West Chester when they want to hit bars other than The Winner's Circle.
Pretty much everyone has lived in Exton or around Exton for most of their lives and do not plan on leaving anytime soon.
But I must say, you can hit a WaWa in five minutes from any point in Exton. It is fabulous!!
by Cleveland April 03, 2005

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