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A vile, pernicious, toxic, disgusting, venomous, rat-brained uber-bitch who gives the epithet "cunt" a bad name.

a.k.a. #1 - The pure hell that can be inflicted on society when a planned trans-gender assignment is botched through medical incompetence (check that Adam's Apple - it's as big as a friggin' b-ball).

a.k.a. #2 - The pea-brained illicit love child of Adolf Hitler and Ayn Rand. 'Slander' = 'Mein Kampf' v. 2006.

a.k.a. #3 - The brown residue that occasionally adheres stubbornly to your toilet bowl refusing to wash down the drain even after repeated flushings.
"Honestly Honey, can you just once go to the throne without leaving those disgusting Ann Coulters behind you?"
by Cleetus Awreetus Awrightus November 04, 2006

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