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1) Short for; " That is ok "
2) Short for; " It is ok "


1) Connected as; it-is-ok ==> Soke !
A: " i'm sorry "
B: " soke "
by ClaesCc November 05, 2007
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1) A person who does not stand up for himself.
2) A person who attracts negativity; abuse of all kinds.
3) A person who attracts negative people; "the abusers".
4) A person who is used to a continues cycle of mental and physical abuse.

A: "Stop being such a negaddict and leave her!!!"
B: "What are you talking about?"
A: "The fact that she walks over you and you do nothing about it!"


A: "You need to stop being a negaddict and stand up to your friend!"
B: "Don't worry he will pay me back"
A: "No he won't, he never has, and never will! Why dont u get that!!"

by Claescc December 10, 2007
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