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An emerging counter-culture forming in the early 2000's, mostly in the north-east and tri-state area. The synthesis of two prior subcultures; hipster and hardcore. Like hipsters, trabbies hold a heavy interest in far-left, liberal, or libertarian social and political views. Welcomes the local poor and immigrant populations with open arms. Non-violent. Probably speaks spanish and definitely a chain-smoker. "Trabbie" comes from the Spanish word "Trabajador" or worker. The difference between a hipster and a trabbie is that hipsters are upper class, while trabbies tend to make up the intellectual working class. Many were formerly middle or lower-middle class and were forced into the working class due national economic influences. Their suburban communities are usually being gentrified.
Trabbies tend to have shorter hair, with some fringe or even shaved heads due to the daily labor performed. They will also be extremely skinny and always appear tired for the same reason.
Feed caps, fur hoods, multiple belts, sleeveless sweatshirts and a "scruffy" look is common. Commonly wears black shoes or work boots. NEVER leather as he/she is a vegetarian/vegan.
Trabbies reject the prevalent angst and depression within the "scene". Most are non-violent and choose to love their lives instead of hating it. This is largely influenced by posi-hardcore.
Will listen to; 1905, Rise Against, Refused, Choking Victim, Against Me!, etc...
"Hah, there's that trabbie with the two-belts making friends with the spicks again!"
by Chuxxay May 18, 2008

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