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weed code words dumb sentences that try to hide the act of smoking weed!
aka weed code or weed codes
(they are not cool or clever or even sneaky btw)
its all basically dumb people using dumb words just to be sleazy skeezy and down right bad just to be able to smoke marijuana or other gay paraphernalia from some genitalia shaped device for 5 minutes of a shitty pointless non-enlightening false high. they use weed code words in front of teachers and parents and other "know better" people because they know what they are doing is stupid and wrong and they hide it cause they don't want to get caught because its STUPID and WRONG! all drugs are. they will use anything, could be as simple as "hey wanna go HIT the punching bag later?" first of all the real code words always the verb like HIT or something representing they are going to sniff huff take a puff inhale or some other action to get high off of a joint or roach. they will make it really obvious and sometimes not at all. spotting a pothead is super simple to begin with but just in case your lame brained and un-observant you hear things like this YOU'LL KNOW!!! the reason they will always use the verb hit or something similar is because they don't wanna confuse details. many times it will be peer pressure, don't get yourself into a bad situation cause someone said "hey wanna ride bikes later on?" that's too specific they will usually use some verb or adjective that gives it all away.
"hey me and fucktard twat-dinkle cunting the fag are going to sqquuueeezzee the breeze tommorow night"

"hey me and chris or some other standard american white boy name are going to HIT up the b-ball court tonight" (why would you play basket ball at night?)
"yo james and i are gonna play the flute after school we might even play the pied piper" (they are obviously not musicians)
"yo man im gonna kill off a few roaches this afternoon you in or what?"(why in the absolute fuck would anyone want to hear about it or join in on that?) lol (nasty he has a roach problem!)
"haha we totally bailed class the other day because we used weed code words on our teacher and didn't get caught to go smoke!"
by Chuckles the Cuckold Clown September 9, 2015
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A sweaty Boy with big tits and tiny feet. He likes to roll around in the dirt when no one is watching and he sometimes likes to sneak up behind people and giggle. His fingers are always sticky. When he goes to sleep at night he picks his boogers and puts them in a notebook for safe keeping. His specialty is being a troll online, he likes to play roblox and rub his nipples. He can be discovered because he goes by the name "Captain" sometimes. If you know an alec that does this you should avoid them immediately. They can be poisonous, and extremely dangerous if left alone with for more than 2 seconds. He will creepily grin and stare and then bite you. But if you give his belly a rub and feed him his favorite chips he will make moaning sounds and cream himself, don't be alarmed its perfectly normal and it just means that he likes you. Now he will become your friend and follow you everywhere to defend your honor.
"OMG Did you see what alec did"? "no, what did he do"? "He just farted in the refrigerator and closed the door"!
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