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To agree. Kinda like "yeah" but not quite, there are subtle diversities.

Commonly used expression when consenting to group sex.

In the following examples if "yeah" were used the conversations would lack sincerity. On the contrary, "us" is far less causal and evokes genuine passion.
Examples 1

Kenneth: Oi Johnny boi, would you tap that bird?

Johnny boi: Us! You blind m8! She looks tight as. She'd better be up for a titty fuck too, ya ken?

Kenneth: Us, absolutely!

Examples 2

Maria: Hey George, me and Melanie want your dick. You up for a threesome?

George: Us! Too right Maria!!! Melanie has some fine ass. You're staying on the side my dear. Soz xoxo.
by ChubbyTeletubby November 26, 2016

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Short for Diet Coke, which itself is traditionally short for Diet Coca-Cola.

Doke is known as Coca-Cola Light in many a European country.
Johnny Boi: Kenneth, ah pure heard that doke gets ya mare drunk fur less booze!

Kenneth: Aw is that so Johnny Boi? Michty me!

Kenneth: (To bar tender) awright pal, geeze a double vodka, a Glen's eh, and doke would ya? Cheers.

Maria (mainland European): Coca-Cola Light is not a mixer! You are a weak fool.

Johnny Boi: (To Maria) Oi shut it you! Aw but yer right!

Johnny Boi: (To Kenneth) Put the Doke down, we need tae get on the Irn-Bru choo-choo!

Kenneth: (To Johnny Boi) *spits oot beverage* Michty me! Probs just the cancer inducing artificial sweeteners that make the magic happen.

Kenneth: (To bar tender ) Mate, boss man, could a please have a triple Glen's and Irn-Bru Sugar Free? I'll be needing it tae get me through! Canny believe ah wis supporting the Coca-Cola Company. Irn-Bru for lyf.
by ChubbyTeletubby December 30, 2016

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