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Emotional pain; the horrible feeling of a black hole sitting in your chest where your heart should be. Other feelings one may experience include a inability to catch one's breath and getting all choked up. Usually occurs after a breakup or when one is worrying excessively about something.
1. My boyfriend just broke up with me, and I can barely breathe with this heartache in my chest.

2. I care aout my friends so much, and sometimes I worry enough so to give me heartache.
by Christina Hart July 06, 2005

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Often mistaken for love. The intoxicating feeling one gets when around a member of the opposite sex one is attracted to. Purely physical, with no emotional attachment.

DO NOT confuse with love if you know what's good for you.
She lusted after him everytime she saw him. His body, his skin, his hands, they were all luscious to her.
by Christina Hart July 06, 2005

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