3 definitions by Christian Kirk

Some punk ass dude who is willing to sell either his friend or his crew out for personal gain.
"Jimmy is a total buster, he told my girl i didn't care about her and then tried to get with her"
by Christian Kirk August 19, 2006
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A term which refers to the situation where one encounters someone from a past relationship while out with a new prospect in the public arena. Shrapnel should be avoided at all costs, and can often prove detrimental to your current relationship.
Note: Everyone has shrapnel
"If we go there, I run the risk of encountering an unusual amount of shrapnel. It'd be best if i took her to a place where my exes won't encroach upon me."
by Christian Kirk August 18, 2006
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The act of encroachment refers to when someone is invading your space or your zone in an innapropriate way. Encroachment happens on all levels whether it's your older brother dropping game on your girlfriend, or when your roomates friend stays at your house for over a week and drinks all of your soymilk.
Note: When being encroached upon, one can throw a red flag or call a foul in order to identify and prevent any further damage which may be caused.
Man, i'd be way more comfortable chillin at my place if i didn't have multiple dudes there at any given moment. I might have to call them out on their encroachment and tell them to beat it.
by Christian Kirk August 19, 2006
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