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1. A self loathing person who hates everything that's part of him. He hates his family, religion, country, Capitalism, and individual freedoms.

2. Suffers from the grass is always greener on the other side complex.

3. Person who supports free speech as long as you agree with it. Supports censorship of those he feels are intolerant.

4. Person who thinks taxes are the greatest thing since the invention of Communism.

5. Lover of deviant lifestyles which have no moral boundaries. Thinks marriage should be anything we want it to be whether someone wants to marry 1 person, 4 people, or marry a donkey.

6. Person who is childish and throws a hissy fit, threatening to move to Canada because the elected president isn't a Democrat.

7. Person who threatens to move to Canada but unfortunately never leaves.
3. I'm a liberal and you should be tolerant of all my viewpoints.
Other person: Well, I have to disagree with you Mr. Liberal on some issues because of my religious views.

Mr. Liberal: How dare you even mention religion, as a liberal I find your beliefs intolerant of mine.
by ChrisChris April 27, 2005
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