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Jean Rene' Lacoste first established this brand in 1933. He was a tennis player and wanted a nice breathable polo to wear while playing tennis. Lacoste is not your normal polo, each polo goes through rigorus testing to make sure the colors do not fade. You see, it all starts in a field of cotton... only the finest and strongest are selected to create the lacoste products. Lacoste also have a nice selection of shoes, accessories and perfumes. Lacoste has been out in the market for 72 years and is still selling, although the prices are a little high (you get what you pay for)
Lacoste makes the finest clothes out there.
by Chris Edwards July 12, 2005

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One who sticks a marble up ones anus. see marble ass
John was couaght marbleassing by his mother
by chris edwards December 01, 2003

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