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A futuristic car designed by John Z. DeLorean back in the 80's. 130bhp, 95-130mph (US only) originating in Ireland where the car had 170bhp. Sadly the AAA (American Auto Association) put in a speed reducer and reduced the bhp by 40. 0-60 acceleration, about 8-10 secs. 19-21 mpg. Small, rear-mounted V-6 engine. The stainless-steel body of the car greatly impacted the handling. Ranged from 20,000-40,000 dollars. Used in the Back to the Future triogy where the cars' sales sky-rocketed in the US. Only about 8,000 were made before John was accused and aquitted of all charges against drug trafficing and the DMC company was put out of business by creditors. A 4-karot-gold-plated DeLorean was avalible; only 4 were made.
The DeLorean was a cool-lookin' car with shit-ass handling.
by Chris Deben April 09, 2007
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