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Releasing a torrent of diarrhea while pressing ham against a window, car, police officer*, etc.

*Ham explosions on police officers are strongly discouraged.
"Look, Gladys! Those jerk neighborhood kids are pressing ham against our picture window again. Oh, goodness! Ham explosion!"
by Choco Ison November 23, 2007
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A man lies naked and spread eagled on a picnic blanket. A picnic basket with a hole cut out of the bottom is placed over his face. This should be a snug fit. His partner then proceeds to lift the lid and crap into the basket over his face, while throwing uncooked bacon at his erection, strip by strip.
Melissa planned a romantic, indoor picnic for our anniversary. I was even more surprised when she offered me a Hot German Potato Salad. Now I get all hot when I see bacon!
by Choco Ison April 03, 2009
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