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n. (Vösh-?n-shlæ-îm-?r)
1. A large buslike vehicle used to transport damskis and meskis from the Blue Bues from one location to another. Also known as the truest rough rider that has ever rolled through Poland and Israel. (see DarBus is OurBus)
2. An old, old wooden ship that knows the meaning of life.

v. (Vösh-?n-shlæ-îm)
1. To get incredibly angry to the point where no other word could possibly describe your anger.
1. "Mama Elf says we need to count off."
"Alright, I'll meet you in the back of Voshenshleimer right after I finish singing 'Shim Shimaree' "
"Great, just don't forget the rubix cube"

2. Sara: "What's that Voshenshleimer? You know the meaning of life?"
Voshenshleimer: "Yes, I want to see American boobs."

1. All of Blue Bus: "VOSHENSHLEIM!! We have to leave Israel and go back to school and Edna has huge jugs! VOSHENSHLEIM!!"
by Chim Richolds June 03, 2006
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