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Large cask left out in old barns built in early 20th century. Was originally used to house pickled cucumbers, but ended up being a convenient elbow rest for the receiving member of 2 gay-in-denial rednecks to use for engaging in buttsex.
Gay-in-denial redneck #1: "Hey Cletus, full moon tonight, how bout we go down to the old barn and visit the ol' pickle barrel?".

Cletus: "Sounds like a hootin' and a hollerin' time to me!". "But make damn sure to bring plenty of moonshine for yours truly." "The last time you bent me over the ol' pickle barrel you made my sphincter gape so hard I thought it was gonna done rip!". "I need plenty of cousin Donnie's body-numbing midnight moonshine to get my butthole through another full moon of pickle barrel debauchery".
by ChicoSneeko June 02, 2011
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