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A boy magnet is a girl who is stunningly gorgeous and beautiful, and she also feels beautiful and confident, and it gets her the attention from everybody. Girls are jealous of her because she is beautiful, but she can't help it but gets all the boys to fall in love with her... because she is so breathtakingly beautiful and charming.
Girls and boys in a crowded place like school or mall.

A breathtakingly beautiful girl, with flawless hair, face and flawless style walks by.

Girls and boys immediatly turn their heads to look at her.

All the boys, drooling: Wow...

Girl 1: OMG, look at that girl. She is so beautiful, I hate her!
Girl 2: I know, I wish I could be so hot like her! I bet all guys like her. She is such a boy magnet!

All the other girls cry.
by ChicaMalaLALALALA June 11, 2011
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