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In one form or another, the do-rag has been around for thousands of years. In America, early American men and women tied bandanas on their heads for protection against the elements. The do-rag gained widespread acceptance among women as a fashion statement after "Rosie the Riveter," the symbol of working women, was featured in a World War II poster wearing a do-rag. Although exactly when the motorcycle community adopted the do-rag is unclear, they began appearing in motorcycle clubs in the late 1960's and early 1970's. With the changing of designs and the addition of sweatbands and polymer cooling crystals the do rag has gained popularity among a whole new line of life styles such as doctors, law enforcement, construction workers, chemo patients, welders, PE teachers, paintball players, athletes, chefs and is growing popularity daily in many other life styles.

Although there are many ways to spell Do-Rag such as Doo Rag, Du Rag, Dew Rag and many other variations, when pronounced they all sound the same. There are also other names that they are called by such as Skull-Cap, Scrub-Cap, and Head-Wrap. A Do-Rag however should not be confused with the Bandanna. A Bandana is a single piece of cloth, usually 22"x22" and is folded in half than tied onto the head for covering. Where as a Do-Rag consists of several pieces of fabric, also known as panels, sewn together to form a shape that will fit snug onto the head similar to a baseball cap. There may be as few as two panels or up to five or more panels in the construction of each Do-Rag.
The average biker wears a doo rag to protect their head, hair, ears, and neck from the wind and sun.
by Chellee/Ragman April 02, 2008
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