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A mixture of milk and Allen's Coffee Brandy. Considered by many to be the state drink of Maine. Also know as a Sombrero, the Champagne of Maine, and Fat Ass in a Glass. Called Gorilla Milk because chronic abusers have been know to do some really stupid things.
"They found Ole Joe buck nekid and frozen to death on top of the water tower. Just goes to show what that Gorilla Milk will do to you."
by Cheez Head March 20, 2009

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A male homosexual.
"Mama damn near vapor locked when she found out Rock Hudson was a tadpole gourmet."
by Cheez Head January 21, 2009

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A tattoo located on the small of a woman's back above the ass. Called a FM (Fuck Me) tattoo because they were first popularized by strippers and women who have them are assumed to be of low moral character.
"It's getting late and I'm horny. I'm going for the red head with the store bought tits and the FM tattoo."
by Cheez Head May 29, 2009

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Angering another to the point they are prepared to inflict serious harm on you.
"Open you mouth one more time asshole and you'll be fucking with your heartbeat."
by Cheez Head January 20, 2009

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