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Non Educated Delinquent

Scots term used to describe chav. Does not have to be from Glasgow. Often from in-bred farming backgrounds such as in the village of Braemar in Deeside, Scotland. Has had little or no attention and disipline from parents, who are probably wasters as well. Wears sports gear, trackies, burberry cap and/or scarf. Listens to electronic dance music with repetitive tune and lyrics, known to them as "beats." Has fascination with 80's and 90's hatchbacks, modifications, and "cruising." Generally stupid, are obsessed with going "on the sesh" meaning consuming copious amounts of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. The males have a fixation to internet pornography. Also termed as bams (below average mentality) and they call themselves "casuals" As in:
Normal Person: "hello"
Ned: "You startin'!?"
Normal Person: "I do not fight people like you"
Ned: "you're gay, and I did your ma"
Normal Person: "Shut up you pathetic ned"
Ned: "I'm a casual, so shu'up you fucking homo"
by Chazmeister March 04, 2006

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