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'wat chu up ta' i had this guy ask me that on myspace once and i looked for it in the original dictionary, google and urban dictionary... but found no meaning. so i decided to add a meaning to this lame, stupid... word. 'wat chu up ta' is a type of way of saying 'what brand of gum are you chewing?' the wat is what, the chu is chew and the up is... i have no idea but the ta simply mean, brand but those with minor probelsm pronounce it 'ta' wat chu up ta, is the new 'gangsta word' and personally i find it amusing, that people are saying it thinking they look DEAD COOl! but what hurts me the most is that it DOES NOT mean 'what brand of gum are you chewing' in fact it means... 'what are you doing?' sounds alike? yeah, whatever. but instead of saying 'what are you doing' 'whats up' 'wuu2' or 'what have you done today' its 'wat chu up ta' sad, lame and pathetic... only God knows what language this world will be speaking 5 years from now at this rate.
eg 1.
wannabe gangsta: YO bruv. wat chu up ta?
normal kid: uh...wiggleys chewing gum... want some?

*wannabe gangster walks away shamefully*

eg 2.
Stupid boy: sir, what does wat chu up ta mean?
teacher: up ta what?!
by ChavsHater February 18, 2009
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