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A FANTASTIC TV Show with countless audio dramas, comics, and novelisations.

Note: Side effects of watching include being incredibly scared by four successive beats, statues, mysterious cracks and gas masks.
Me (from upstairs): Hey, I’m being extremely clever up here and there’s no one to stand around looking impressed, what’s the point of having you?

Idiot: Was that a doctor who reference?

Me: Affirmative

Idiot: Was that ANOTHER one?

Me: Correctomundo! I shall probably never say that word again.

Idiot: Argh! Stop talking in Doctor who references!

Me: What are you going to do, moisturise me?

Idiot: Wait, I think I’ve seen that one. What happens again?

Me: Spoilers.

Idiot: Okay, now just go away.

Me: Brilliant! ALLONS-Y!
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by CharlieCon July 15, 2020

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A highly popular book series with seven books, three spin off books, eight movies, a play and two spinoff movies (at the time of writing). Many people wish to be part of this world, but the whole series can be summed up in one sentence from the first book:

‘Harry then did something very brave, but very stupid.’
Have you read Harry Potter yet? I ship drarry so much.
by CharlieCon April 08, 2020

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