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When a flaming beaner walks into your room suddenly and bust a huge load in you face. After he busts a nut, he takes a shit on your face and starts screaming jibberish. Usually performed on the george.
Chuck laid a massive serrano surprize on Zack.
by Charles Serrano December 10, 2004
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An incoherent language constantly used by rowdy mexican immagrants. Very similar to the language used by Jabba the Hutt. ( Nana Dabu Tobe Solo Han Wookie Chewie Eetu yabe)
I am going to write my grad school paper on the complexities of chuckinese.
by Charles Serrano December 11, 2004
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When a tiny mexican walks into your room shouting "Dabu Jabba nana Wookie Chewie" then jumps on the closest girl and starts grinding his chorizo into her face screaming "I am fucking gay! Who gives a shit?" He then proceeds to scale your bed like a spider monkey and tries to finger your asshole and say " you are gross. I am not attracted to you." Although he secretly is.
Chuck is the only one who has mastered the beaner bomb.
by Charles Serrano December 11, 2004
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