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According to the obese population, any girl or person in general that can fit a single-digit pant size without the usage of bacon grease.

Often used by the overweight & media to describe any of a dwindling group of citizenstypically female] in the developed countries especially America] that remains consistently thin despite the raging obesity epidemic. While technically, this term was intended to refer to those with an eating disorder, it is now used as an insult out of jealousy or bitterness by bigger girls to smaller ones because they truly can't imagine how a person can be skinny without starving themselves- ignoring any rational arguement about the person's metabolism or healthy eating/exercise habits.]

People who use this term are typically overweight, & bitter that these girls have either the self motivation or good genes to be desired by the majority of men, eat as much as they please with no weight gain, and are capable of fitting into all of the better fashions.

Often used interchangeably with other equally ignorant but self assuring terms like '12 year old boys', 'twigs' 'sluts' 'skin & bones' 'bra stuffers' 'Real women have curves' etc
Fat chicks: Omg look at them anorexic b*tches thinking they're so special *eats hamburger*
by ChaChaChiligirl January 26, 2011

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