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Shut the fuck up. It's simple. When you are annoyed with someone who won't stop ranting on instant messaging, you type "stfu!!" But be sure to limit yourslef to two exclamation points, though, because three will look too angry. You could also type two exclamation points and then a "1". Like this: stfu!!1. This way, the third exclamation point is there, but only in spirit. This puts a little extra anger, but not so enough to make the other person angry at you. :)
~On instant messaging~

like_totally_cheergrl07: like omg omg omg we like totally had so much crap to do today in like science because the teacher is like so bitchy and she doesn't get that I have a life! I mean COME. ON. Wtf???!!!
xXxmy_heart_bleeds_blackxXx: stfu!!1
by Cexy October 13, 2007
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The "Little White Trash Town" right in the middle of Oakland. Mostly white people, yes, but it's not like we CHOSE to live here. Believe it or not, not everyone in Piedmont is extremely rich... The main point is that we can't stereotype people just because of where they are from. Piedmont is boring, but it has a pretty park which is fun to go to during lunch and/or after those evil-looking crazies with endless supplies of dry-erase markers set you free from that place they call High School for the day.
Scene 1
In Creative Writing Class:
H: Hehe, massages are fun!
C: Come on, relax, I'm just trying to get out your tension knots... Think of it as a bunch of happy rainbow sprinkles!
I: Sure, sure... Sprinkles on my cupcake of PAIN!
H: I repeat. Massages are funnnnnn.

Scene 2
I finally have actual friends with actual good music taste! In Piedmont! Woot!
H: One day we will die, and our ashes will fly from The Aeroplane Over The Sea...
I: Under a Tuesday Moon...
by Cexy September 27, 2007
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