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A sleeping disorder characterized by attempting to go to sleep earlier than usual, only to wake up a couple hours later. This is due to the person's brain thinking they are only taking a nap, rather than wanting to sleep for a full night.

Affects mostly frequent nap takers, night owls, and those with no sleep schedule.
A: Oh wow, you look terrible.
B: I know. I tried to go to bed at 10 last night, but I woke up again at midnight and couldn't fall back asleep.
A: Sounds like a case of False Nap Syndrome. That's what you get for staying up until 4 AM every night.
by Cenex April 25, 2012

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A clear, crisp, deep voice, similar to that of a radio DJ.
Have you ever thought about going into radio?

No, why?

You have a great DJ voice.
by cenex August 19, 2010

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