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Size of wheels usually shown to let people know you have money. Or to show how big your wallet is with how big your wheels are. Seen on all different types of vehicles, but primarily old skools. The bigger the wheels, the more money you have. Kind of like how a Mercedes VS a Rolls Royce in a competetion...24's = Mercedes, 26's = Rolls Royce. The larger the rims, the higher in status you are.

26's are in, 24's are so last year. 20's used to be the big thing...now 26's and 28's and even 30's + are being rode on vehicles. 24's are old news everybody has them. Old skools usually require a 7" - 10" + lift kit to fit rims that are 26" plus. Cars with rims as big as 26's usually sit higher than your average truck. And are often referred to as "Sky-Scrapers" because of how high they sit after putting on such large wheels.
White boy: Yea Yea yo yo yo I got 24's on the cutlass
Gangsta: Maaaane nigga..24's? I got 26's on dat ol' skoo Chevy.. you better step your game up. I'm towering over your ass on them small ass 24's
White boy: Man but I can't afford 26's!
Gangsta: Maaaaane nigga...get out my face fuck boy!...and get your money up!....fuck boy!

"26 inches on my ride, dressed so fly and I'm sitting soo high..you can catch me beating down your block..smoking on that skunk..sitting sideways choppin choppin through ya hood" - Raw Reese
by CeeZizzle February 01, 2010
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A term I came up with when you, or someone else on Call Of Duty: Black Ops Blasts you in the chest with a shotgun at close range. In the song "Drive By" By Three 6 Mafia (featuring Project Pat) In Project Pat's verse he says:

"It's Project Pat wit' that 12 guage strapped ya'll
I blow yo' chest out yo' motherfucking back dawg"

...fits very well when playing an intense game of Call Of Duty: Black Ops. Hence why I call it "Project Pat'd".

Which means using a high power shotgun, and forcfully removing the front portion of your chest; sternum, lungs, heart, diaphram right out your back, thus leaving a very large hole in your body. We all know that satisfying feeling when doing that to somebody, but hate it when somebody does it to us, because in a way, it's a really great way to own someone. 1 shot death. Boom.

In case you don't know who Project Pat is, he is a gangster rapper from Memphis Tennesse, and is signed with HCP (Hypnotize Camp Posse) Which is Three 6 Mafia's label.

Killing may be fun & entertaining on videogames, but please refain from doing so in real life, we are here on earth to spread peace, love & equality, and NOT violence & murder, So please, for the love of your mama, and your mama's mama, keep your anger, frustration, hate and killing tendancies in videogames. One Love
Stoner 1: Here I go man I'm gonna get this dude. OH GOD!

*Chik-chik BOOOM!!!*

Stoner: HAHAH!!! Holy fuck that guy totally just Project Pat'd your ass!

*Project Pat randomly walks in*

Project Pat: It's Project Pattuhhhhh and that's how I do!
by CeeZizzle January 26, 2011
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