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Mexican slang word, not used or understood in South America or other regions where conventional Spanish is spoken. It is a vulgarity or curse word, used to lay emphasis on a good or bad situation. It is used as an amplifier word.

Piňche is a strong word with a meaning encapsulating all of the following: wretched, rotten, damnable, no-good, foul, dastardly, despicable, ugly, miserable, disgusting, contemptible, detestable, deplorable, nasty, filthy, etc.

Piňche has recently enjoyed a break-out among White and Black Americans, and is being more and more used in American slang.
When speaking of guy players who tricks a nice girl into a one-nighter:
"In and out like piňche vato!"

When speaking to a cook who blew the meal:
"You can keep your piňche frijoles."

When speaking of exceptionally hot weather:
"It's piňche calor out here hommie."

When speaking of a nasty hooker on the corner:
"That hoe is piňche caliente."

When speaking of a good plan that went horribly wrong:
"That was a piňche shebacle!"
by Cedric Chauncey Walcot Preston April 28, 2010

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