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Todoroki Shouto is the youngest of four children in the Boku No Hero Academia universe. He is the son of the #2 hero, Endeavor. His quirk is Half-Cold(right side) Half-Hot(left side). He is a student at UA, is in the Hero course(Class 1A), and(in season one and two) plans to become the #1 hero without using his fathers fire. He is a character with daddy issues and an unbeatable quirk. His sexuality is not yet released, yet creators highly hint towards his crush on Momo.
Person 1: Todoroki Shoto is my favorite character from BNHA!

Person 2: I agree, he's so cool.

Person 3: and Hot;)
by Cayoto January 13, 2019
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Sevita is a quiet, timid girl before you meet her. Once you have been declared her friend, the fun never ends. She is a good listener and is easy to talk to. She is the brains of the operation, the one who ends all arguments with a better solution, and is probably smarter than you are.

If you ever meet a Sevita in your life, MAKE FRIENDS WITH HER!
Person 1: I want you to meet my friend, Sevita!


Person 2: Not much of a talker...
by Cayoto January 13, 2019
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