3 definitions by Catrien

A name for the pairing of 'Peter Bishop' and 'Olivia Dunham' from the Fox show, 'Fringe.'

Also known as an adorable and fitting couple that WILL happen one day. =)
Oh My God, did you see the new episode of Fringe last night?

YES! There were some seriously cute Polivia moments in there.
by Catrien October 5, 2009
The recent "scene," "emo," or "prep" way of spelling "like." No, it's not a misspelling or typo, people really use this word in conversation nowadays. =P
ikinda liek him but i'mm not sure anymoree . . .
by Catrien October 9, 2009
A way of describing something as very cool or amazing. Usually used in both chatspeak and in real life. A new term that's used often by internet geeks. =3
I think that Urban Dictionary is teh awesome. ^^
by Catrien October 9, 2009